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Evolution of Cupcake Wraps and decorations for cupcakes

I remember when I was younger, my grandmother would always have a cute little cupcake waiting for me and she would lay out all of the decorations for cupcakes and let me decorate them when I arrived. My family get-together almost always ended up with white cupcakes, decked with lots of chocolate icing and sprinkles on top, as desserts. Today, the cupcake has evolved from the usual white cake flavor to the more elaborate forms, such as red velvet cupcakes, carrot cake cupcakes and many, many more.

While the housing and the flavor of the cupcakes have improved over the years, so have the accessories used in cupcake preparation and decoration-some new found, and some improved. These cupcake accessories have made the cupcake more interesting to cook and decorate.

Cupcake Wraps and Liners

Cupcake wraps and liners or round sheets of thin paper, such as parchment paper, are used to provide a thin barrier between the cake and the cupcake pan. The job of a cupcake liner is to keep the cupcakes moist and soft and also make it easier to remove the cupcakes from the pan after they have finished cooking and cooling.

White paper used to be the main style of cupcake liner available. Eventually manufacturers came out with plain colored cupcake liners that you could purchase for events such as birthday’s and anniversaries. A couple of years later, colorful paper liners with designs that match your party theme were made available. If it’s Spiderman or Hello Kitty you want, finding the paper liner that fits your needs is no longer a problem.

Not only have the cupcake liners evolved into works of art, the big trend is to now wrap your cooked and decorated cupcake with cupcake wraps. Cupcake wraps are the new chic in the cupcake industry. Cupcake wraps are easy to handle and can make even the most novice bakers’ cupcake look like a designer cupcake out of a couture cupcake shop.

Cupcake Towers

Cupcakes used to be baked and placed on a platter or maybe even a cake plate for display. They weren’t displayed long in my house, as I remember as soon as they were baked, they were eaten. There was no time for fancy decorations and displays.

Nowadays, cupcakes are the centerpiece of the dessert table for many events. In fact, the latest trend in weddings is cupcake wedding cakes. Cupcake trees and cupcake towers are being used as wedding cupcake stands in order to display hundreds of elegantly decorated cupcakes replacing the traditional wedding cake in many weddings today. The guests of the party can even take their own cupcake home with them in specially made cupcake containers.

Depending on how large the event may be, cupcake towers can have 3 to 7 tiers at an average. Most of them can be easily taken down, washed and stored for future use while others are disposable so the host doesn’t have to worry about cleaning the cupcake tower and storing after the party. The disposable towers are usually cheaper than the reusable ones; however, if you plan on having several events during the year, it would be beneficial to invest in a little higher priced, reusable tower that would really save you money in the long run.


Cupcakes have always held a place in my heart and remind me of the simple things in life I enjoy. With that said, cupcake accessories available on the market, make simple things, a little more enjoyable.

There are many places to get ideas for cupcakes online. You can find an online cupcake store or cupcake blog that will have information about baby shower cupcake ideas, novelty birthday cakes and decorations for cupcakes.

Remember, this day and age, you can find anything you would want to know about cupcakes online.

Delightful Flavours in San Diego

San Diego is one of the Southern most cities in California. It is considered to be the seventh largest city in the United States and second in California. San Diego is a favorite destination because of its climate and beaches. Located along the blue Pacific coast, it enjoys a warm, dry climate that never fails to delight visitors. The glorious sunrises over the mountains and the beautiful sunsets over the Pacific serve as incredible natural attractions for the tourists. In such a beatiful weather you need some speciality food served with mouthwatering taste.

The city of San Diego brings you a wide range of grill and sushi restaurants which serves you with sushi and many more Sushi and Sashimi to suit your taste. Cleanliness is an integral part of the hotels’ policies. The catering service ensures a sumptuous Whether seeking for some stylish place to meet your loved ones after a long tiring day, State St. Grill Restaurant is the best to spend some time together.

Amongst them the best is State St. Grill & Restaurant, conveniently located around SDSU campus in San Diego City. This first-class dining facility specializes in different types of cuisines, namely Japanes and American delicacies. More importantly, it serves delightful grilled specialties and sushi menus with bar. This restaurant offers tasty sushi starters, grilled seafood, Philly cheese steak, best burgers and other enticing treats. With Happy hours you can have memorable gastronomic experience like no other. There are plentiful appetizers to choose from. These include everything starting from the traditional sushi starters, salads, burgers, sake bombs, hot sake, pitchers, margaritas and more.

State St.Grill is also famous for serving USDA certified angus beef or grilled chicken breast. When it comes to sushi, any true sushi lover will tell you that you absolutely can’t settle for less than the best. Some of the top sushi chefs in the United States create sushi that is truly a work of art. The same taste you will get at State St. Grill & Restaurant

Furthermore, it also provides catering as well as food delivery serivce to your home, office, class, wherever you want. State St. Grill catering makes every event a celebration. From weddings to business parties or cocktail gatherings, we offer catering packages to fit your taste, budget and group size. You can have your food delivered* upto 5 miles or hire our sushi chefs and servers to prepare and serve your food on site.